Here are a selection of frequently asked questions, if you have a query which is not covered please contact us.


What are the age of the vehicles hired out?
All vehicles are less than one year old.

Can I specify exactly which vehicle I want to hire?
Vehicles indicated on this website are intended as a guide to the size and type of vehicle & are not a strict indication of the vehicle you will be provided with. We make every effort to supply the vehicle requested, if this is not possible we may offer an upgrade an no extra cost.


What age must I be to hire a vehicle?
Firstly, to hire a vehicle, all drivers must fully meet the licence criteria.
All drivers aged between 25 and 70 are eligible to hire any of our vehicles. (For drivers over 70 we can source a car from Europcar, please contact us for a quote).
Drivers aged 23 – 25 are eligible to hire some vehicles (groups A & B).  A surcharge is applicable and a higher insurance excess will apply to drivers of this age group. We cannot hire to anyone under 23 years old.


Anyone intending to drive the vehicle must have held a full driving licence for more than 2 years.

UK Photo-card driving licences must bring:

  • Driving licence
  • Photocard UK Licence holders must get a check code from the gov.uk website which allows us to check their points online.
  • Credit/debit card in their name
  • Utility bill (gas/elec/home phone) or bank statement showing their name and address and dated within 3 months of hire.

UK Old style paper licences must bring:

  • Driving licence
  • Photgraphic ID (preferably passport)
  • Credit/debit card in their name
  • Utility bill (gas/elec/home phone) or bank statement showing their name and address and dated within 3 months of hire.

Foreign Licence holders

  • Driving licence (must show valid from date more than 1 year ago)
  • Passport or National ID card
  • Credit/debit card in their name
  • Utility bill (gas/elec/home phone) or bank statement showing their name and address and dated within 3 months of hire.

Overseas driving licences that contain non-roman alphabet (normal characters used in english language) are only acceptable with a supplementary International Driving Licence.   If you are hiring with an overseas licence, we require to see your passport in addition to your driving licence.

Licences with up to 2 x 3 point separate fixed penalty endorsements are usually acceptable (i.e. a total of 6 points from 2 separate penalties). For any other penalties, please contact us to clarify eligibility.

Do I require a special licence to drive any AC&VH vehicles?
None of our vehicles require anything other than a standard, full driving licence, with the exception of minibuses, where the driver must be in possession of a licence with the entitlement of D1.


What level of insurance am I given?
Fully comprehensive insurance is provided in your contract with Aviemore Car & Van Hire,

What is the insurance excess?
This is the amount that you (the hirer) are liable to pay in the event of any damage being caused to the vehicle during the period of your hire unless a third party with insurance has admitted responsibility. The hirer is only required to pay the excess if damage occurs. The excess will be charged for each and every claim. We offer the option to reduce the excess amount, please enquire at time of booking.

How many drivers does the insurance provided cover?
Only the person in whose name the vehicle is hired is covered in the rental cost. To insure additional drivers further cover needs to be taken out prior to the commencement of your hire.

Can I provide my own insurance cover?
All of our hires include our company insurance, we do not accept customers own insurance for any hire.


It is a fact of life that things can & do go wrong, at Aviemore Car & Van Hire we aim to help remove the stress from situations:

What if the vehicle breaks down?
Breakdown: During our office hours (Mon- Sat 9am – 5pm) call 01479 811700. All our vehicles are covered by an out of hours emergency team, the details of which will be notified to you when you collect the car.

What if I am involved in an accident?
Take the following steps :

  1. Note down the registration number of all vehicles involved.
  2. Note the date, time & location of the incident.
  3. Note the details of all other drivers involved – name, address, insurance provider.
  4. Note the police incident number, if they have been involved.
  5. Note the details of any witness(es) to the accident.
  6. If the vehicle cannot be driven, follow the procedure for the event of a breakdown as detailed above.
  7. Report the accident to AC&VH within 24 hours.


What if I lose the key to my hire vehicle?
Contact AC&VH office (01479 811700) during office hours (above). We must make you aware that keys are security coded and obtaining a replacement can be a prolonged & expensive process. The hirer will be held responsible for all costs involved in obtaining a replacement key & it is likely that you will experience some inconvenience whilst a new key is sourced.


Where is AC&VH situated?
Conveniently, in the end office at the train station building, in the very centre of Aviemore.  See location ›

Can the vehicle be delivered to me?
Unfortunately at this time we cannot provide a delivery service.

Can I return the vehicle to a different location?
No. It is not possible to return the vehicle to anywhere other than our Aviemore office location.

Can I collect or return the car out-with office hours?
Our office hours are Mon – Sat 9am – 5pm.  We can provide an out of hours collection/return for times outwith these hours.  This is subject to staff availability, needs to be booked in advance and is subject to a cost of £30.


  • Collision damage waiver (uk driving licence holders only) – £10 per day
  • Additional driver – £10 per day
  • Out of hours charge – £30
  • Young driver charge (23&24) – £20 per day
  • Additional mileage (above 250 daily allowance) – £0.18 per mile
  • Refuelling cost – £10 plus fuel cost
  • Childs booster seat – £3 per day (subject to availability)
  • Baby car seat – £5 per day (subject to availability)
  • Extra valeting charge – £65
  • Administration charge – £30
  • Pre-authorised (refundable) security deposit - UK driving licence holders £500,  Foreign licence holders £1000. 


Making a booking is a legally binding contract between yourself and Aviemore Car & Van Hire.  Cancellations must be made in writing.  Our cancellation terms are –

  • 14 or more days before commence of hire:  £25 Admin Charge
  • 10-14 Days before hire start date: 50% of total hire cost (or 1 day hire whichever is greater)
  • 7-10 Days before hire start date 75% of total hire cost (or 1 day hire whichever is greater)
  • 1-6 days before the hire start date 100% of total hire will be payable